Grace was established in late 2014.

Since we began trading we have been warmly received by the market and have established a strong client list and body of work we feel proud of. 

We don’t accept any brief where we don’t believe we have a genuine market leading capability and depth of expertise.

Our team of senior practitioners represents a combined wide and deep sum of experience gained on behalf of market-leading agencies and clients across a very diverse range of business and communications challenges. This underpins our ability to now act swiftly to offer confident, succinct advice, and take the right steps to deliver results more quickly.

Our body of work spans many high profile projects that are well remembered, commensurate with the scale of attention they commanded and the breadth of audiences they engaged.  Many other projects are not well known at all, attracted little attention, but were just as powerful or more powerful in terms of delivering a critical outcome in support of a strategic objective.  

Because… we are not simply in the ‘attention’ business, and we don’t trade on awareness metrics. It’s our view that impressions are meaningless if they don’t engage the right audience and they don’t effect any action or outcome - attention is only as valuable as the ability to use it to make something happen.  And, sometimes, the audience that can unlock your success may be just half a dozen people.


Our work is consistently grounded in a commercial sensibility that maintains a strong and consistent link to the objectives of an organisation or business, and a practical, results-driven approach. 

We will always be our own harshest critics.



In the past two years the Grace team has been working with clients including, but not limited to:

  • Suncorp / Vero Insurance

  • AsureQuality

  • Spark Ventures 

  • NPT (Listed Property)

  • Mediaworks / Mark Weldon

  • Forsyth Barr

  • ITM

  • Smales Farm 

  • Swisse Wellness

  • Pita Pit

  • Skin Institute / Lovely by Skin Institute

  • Flight Centre

  • Griffin's Foods

  • Meadow Mushrooms

  • Rembrandt

  • NZ Golf / The NZ Open

  • Southern Spars

  • NZRU

  • Methven

  • Trilogy



A sample of diverse projects we have delivered includes:

- Working alongside Government to advise AsureQuality through the recent M Bovis cattle disease issue, which threatened the farming backbone of New Zealand’s economy and society and required expert, unified stakeholder management to avoid hysteria that could trigger very significant erosion of value and reputation for New Zealand products locally and globally

- Disaster response programme for Vero Insurance following the Kaikoura earthquake including a community initiative to deliver specially curated “My Food Bag” parcels to affected areas

- Stakeholder and media relations for listed property company NPT in the context of a hostile takeover bid from a highly vulnerable position, with both the Board and Company under public attack

- Strategic communications programme for Suncorp including an integrated thought leadership and content programme launched around a major research project and national business success index

- Business media profiling to reposition Southern Spars to include new innovation projects including announcing its ground-breaking new wheel design for the NZ Olympic Cycling team and NZ’s winning Americas Cup boats, earning significant broadcast media attention and resulting in a game changing number of new business inquiries

- Major organisational change programme and internal communications for ITM

- Launch of ‘ultinaetal’ supplements for pre, during and post pregnancy for Swisse Wellness… including KOL round -table, consumer influencer launch event, earned media, product seeding, and social media support

- Introduction of new menu and product range for Pita Pit, including developing the creative platform, brand experience, product seeding, and influencer and media outreach and engagement

- Integrated marketing and communications campaign for NZ producer Meadow Mushrooms to position the modest mushroom as the true ‘superfood’, including brand experience, content development, media relations, influencer programmes and social media.



We are a young business, backed up by years of experience across all aspects of communications.

We are highly motivated to do outstanding work that will deliver results for our clients and clearly establish our credentials out in front of the New Zealand public relations and communications market – to this end you will struggle to find a more motivated partner.

We have a track record for building rich, positive relationships with clients and partners,

and try to make it a positive experience for everyone involved.  

We look forward to meeting with you soon.


With Grace,

Karyn Arkell

Founder and Managing Director



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